Fahrradbau Stolz seit 1984


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A new project

On behalf of a customer from England we build a touring bike in Rinko style. We use one of our Reynolds 531 SL tubing sets from the seventies of the last century. This tube set comes now after more than 40 years in its original box to the daylight. In this case we also use lugs from the same time.The look is  from this time, but the sleeves are not too decorated. Even the bottom bracket shell is from the same period. Last year, we bought this set of lugs and small parts together with another 75 Kg old soldering parts, sleeves, bottom brackets and much more from a Swiss collector. Only the dropouts are from modern times, since the advantage in the nature outweighs the disadvantage of the modern. We will keep you informed about the progress of this project in the next few days.

Reynolds 531 Tubeset Steel frame Bike

Downtube Shifters for Rohloff

We made a custom built Randonneur for a  customer from England. As framematerial we worked with original Reynolds 531 SL from the late seventies of the last century. With this  original 11-tube  set we were able to buld the desired frame and fork. Now we do have still 59 of these tubesets packed in the original cardboardbox  in stock. Stefan has made by hand the fillet brazed frame, then we had it  completely chrome plated and then coated in the customer's favorite color (an extraordinary Ferrari blue from the 60s). We finished  the bike with brakes from Compass-Cycles and a Rohloff hub with a down tube shifter  made by us specifically for the customer. The lighting comes from SON in Germany.

A frame in Lamborghini Blue

For a customer we did paint a luggeda  steel frame with fork and metal fenders  in a Lamborghini blue with pearly effect. The effect is seen only in sunlight, then the color glitters beautifully. Before we had the back and front dropouts chrome-plated, then covered and so perfectly protected for a long service life. Whether we enclose the sleeves still white we have to decide together with the customer.